our history

The First United Methodist Church of Kaufman was organized in 1845 as the Kingsborough Methodist Episcopal Church South and the Reverend William K. Wilson was appointed to serve as pastor in February 1846.

The present site was purchased and the first building was erected in 1857. During the ministry of the Reverend O.P. Thomas, the second church building was constructed in 1876 at a cost of $400. This was a one-room, white frame steepled structure of traditional architecture.

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In 1909, the Reverend A.R. Nash was serving as pastor when the third church building was constructed. This brick structure, still in use, possesses several unusual features. It is modified Gothic architecture with large columns at the entrance and large, beautifully designed and colored antique stain glass windows.

The vaulted ceiling in the sanctuary is metal decorated with embossed patterns. A unique, century-old brass chandelier that originally hung in the Kaufman County Courthouse lights the interior. Installed in the bell tower is a chime system that plays hymns on the hour and for special church holidays such as Christmas and Easter.