Welcome to First United Methodist Church of Kaufman

208 S. Houston Street * Kaufman, TX 75142 * 972-932-2838

Thank you so much for your support in our ministry. We take each offering as a major blessing to what we are trying to accomplish. We have been called by God to do great things in and around our community and none of it would be possible without your financial support. Every penny of your tithe will be put to great use for God's work in our lives. We pray and thank God for your generosity, without you all there would be no church. You are the church.

In 2017, our focus is to “Survive and Thrive”.  As we look toward our future as a church with renewed hope and promise, we are reminded that anything is possible with God.  Let’s put our gifts and talent, joy and faith together as we move forward into the abundant vision that God has for us!  God has helped us survive and God has made us to thrive.  Please consider how you can help our church thrive in 2017 through your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  Whatever your commitment, the decision you make now will help us move forward.


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